Is Liv Morgan Dating AEW Superstar MJF? This week,

we saw yet another exhibition of these out-of-bounds friendships by WWE and AEW stars.

It is typical for Superstars of competing promotions to know one other in real life,

and this week we saw yet another example of this. Liv Morgan and MJF are one of the most recent pairings to be added to the list.  

Fans should take notice, however, that Liv Morgan and MJF are not currently involved in a romantic relationship.

Outside of the ring, they appear to have a healthy friendship.

There are reports going around that Morgan is currently dating Bo Dallas, who used to be a WWE Superstar.

In the meantime, MJF and the woman he has been seeing,

Naomi, recently became engaged. Morgan is known to keep in touch with a number of former WWE Superstars,

and she was most recently seen out and

about with her close friend CJ Perry, who was formerly known as Lana in the WWE.

MJF is a competitor to WWE in the professional wrestling industry.

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