The most recent closing price of Helius Medical Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:HSDT) was down by 13.10% compared to the recent high of $15.45, which was

reached a year ago. In the last five trading days, the price of the company's stock has gone up by 16.96%. 

Is Helius Medical Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:HSDT) a good place to put your money right now? 

Also, HSDT's beta value for the next 36 months is 0.66. Two of the two analysts who gave ratings for Helius Medical Technologies Inc. said that the stock was a

"buy." None of the analysts said that the stock was "overweight," "hold," or "sell." HSDT has a public float of $3.36 million right now, and shorts own 12.84% of

that float. The average number of shares traded in HSDT today was 4.49 million. How did HSDT do on the market? 

Stocks in HSDT went up by 16.96% for the week, but they went down by-41.21% for the month, -49.51% for the quarter, and-95.91% for the year.

Helius Medical Technologies Inc. has a volatility ratio of 15.95% for the past week and a volatility level of 20.42% for the past 30 days. For the last 20 days, the simple

moving average for HSDT stocks was 12.71%. For the last 200 days, the simple moving average is -82.79%.

What do analysts think of HSDTM? Some brokerage firms have already given their reports on HSDT stocks. Noble Capital Markets has listed HSDT as an "Outperform,

which is the same rating as the other firms. According to a research report released on March 24, 2021, by Noble Capital Markets, the price of

HSDT in the next few months is expected to be $20. From the 50-Day Moving Average, HSDT is trading at -44.03%. 

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