Interstellar: The Genius Of Hans Zimmer’s Film Scores

In the instance of Hans Zimmer, words such as "genius" and "iconic" are not to be thrown around carelessly

but in the instance of his, they are apt. A 2007 poll by the Daily Telegraph put the German composer and soundtrack maestro on its list,

, just ahead of another soundtrack maestro, John Williams, which shows that he is in the top tier.

This musical polymath, born Hans Florian Zimmer in Frankfurt am Main on September 12, 1957, has composed music for over 150 films,

, the most recent of which is arguably his most shocking to date. As with all of his best efforts,

his stormy score for Blade Runner 2049 is a sustained piece of work that is just as captivating as the picture itself and complements the action.

Hans is currently engaged in composing music for the 2019 sequel to The Lion King, reiterating his contribution to the 1994 film.