A Parrot and a Dog Play Matchmaker in Hallmark’s ‘Fly Away With Me’

In Fly Away With Me, which airs tonight, Saturday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel, you'll meet a bird who breaks into a house,

a dog who sneaks onto a plane, an aspiring writer, and an air traffic controller.  

The movie "Fly Away With Me" is part of Hallmark's "Fall Into Love" event, so we can only hope that love will take flight!

What we know about the new TV series is listed below. In a summary of Fly Away With Me,

Hallmark says that the TV movie starts with Angie, a woman who works too much and wants to be a writer, getting the keys to her own condo.

But on her first day in her new house, a parrot flies in through the window and becomes an uninvited guest.

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