Howard Stern is sad because his father died. just lost my father." He was 99 years old. "

Howard told everyone about Ben's death at the same time that he was working on a project to honor his late father.

Howard wants to paint barns that have something to do with his dad. "Corwith Barns is next," he said about his project.

"I've painted a lot of smaller pictures of barns, but this one is bigger. The barns are no longer there, but I took a lot of pictures of them

and am now working on a big painting that I hope will show every broken board on that old building. " "I don't know how old those barns were,

but I feel like painting them is a way to honor him and all the other people who grew old and died," he said.

According to Distractify, Ben was a recording engineer who helped Howard with some of his projects, like The Howard Stern Show, U.S. Open Sores, and Howard Stern on Demand.

Even though Ben wasn't as famous as Howard, Howard's fans knew him for some advice he gave Howard when he was young.

My dad was in the audience, and he would sit you down and tell you, "Look, you're my son, but you're a nudnik." I'm speaking to him now.

"Who or what is a nudnik?" Howard told an act on America's Got Talent. Then the camera moved to Ben, who laughed.

"Dad, tell the guy he needs to get a real job," he said as Ben grabbed a microphone. Ben then spoke to the person on stage.

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