How What We Do in the Shadows pulled off that Colin Robinson finale reveal

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How What We Do in the Shadows pulled off that Colin Robinson finale, according to Entertainment Weekly. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 7:45 a.m. 
This article contains spoilers for the season 4 finale of What We Do in the Shadows.

Is there anything more embarrassing than maturing? Possibly growing up as an eccentric, vaudeville-obsessed adolescent who came from the corpse of a 100-year-old energy vampire

In the fourth season of What We Do in the Shadows, Colin Robinson took centre stage. In the season three conclusion, everyone's favourite beige-cardigan-

wearing energy vampire died, only to be reincarnated as a little infant. Mark Proksch, a returning actor, played this baby. He also played little Colin as he quickly grew older,

older, rom an infant to a toddler to a moody teen. In the fittingly titled season 4 finale "Sunrise, Sunset," the now-adolescent Colin experiences a growth spurt.

He begins on a physical quest of self-discovery, punching holes in his bedroom wall until he finds a hidden area filled with memories.

There, he learns about his past as an energy vampire. When he leaves, he is back to being Colin Robinson as an adult, with glasses.

Here, Proksch and executive producer Paul Simms discuss the conclusion of What We Do in the Shadows and Colin Robinson's maturation.