How post-pandemic pop is carrying

Indie-pop band Sports Team's new album starts off with a big blast of pure happiness. Over a rush of student disco guitars, lead singer Alex Rice sings,

"Oh yeah, that's the game." "Life is tough, but I can't whine about it." When you look at the lyrics from the group's upcoming second album, Gulp!,

they are pretty sad. "The Game," the seemingly happy first song, is a laundry list of problems that Gen Z and millennials face in this time

of expensive housing and "zombie jobs" in the gig economy. Still, it makes you feel happy and like you're living in the moment.

It's not the only thing like that. As the music industry tries to get back on track after the pandemic, records that are all about letting off steam are

coming out in droves. Beyoncé's Renaissance is one of the best dance songs. Rina Sawayama's Hold The Girl came out this week and has a song called

Catch Me in the Air" that is a tribute to the Corrs. Florence + the Machine's Dance Fever is a celebration of "clubs, dancing at festivals,

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