Evan Peters plays the title role in the new Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which is about Dahmer.

Dahmer has been the focus of many movies and TV shows, and his name has even been mentioned in a Kesha song.

Even though his crimes were the stuff that true crime fans dream about, Dahmer did some of the most gruesome and horrible things in American history.

Learn about the person behind Monster: Dahmer, but be careful: what you are about to read may be very upsetting.

Related: The 32 Best True Crime Podcasts to Listen to All at Once   What did people know Jeffrey Dahmer for? Dahmer was a serial killer and sexual predator who preyed on young men.

He did this a lot and was very cruel. In addition to murder and rape, which are horrifying enough on their own, Dahmer also did necrophilia,

cutting up his victims, eating them, and even trying to bring them back to life.  

Jeffrey Dahmer ate people, but why? No one will ever really know why Dahmer ate people, but there are a lot of theories. Dr. Eric Hickley,

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