How Easily Can You Turn a Pixel into an iPhone and Vice Versa?

You can't use iOS like you use Android, and you can't use Android like you use iOS. You can certainly try it, though.

Since I've recently been switching between an iPhone and an Android phone, I thought it might be fun to try out some of the "hacks

that are available for people who want to try something new. But I'm not sure if the ways I'm about to tell you about will help you much.

I looked up some common ways people try to make Android look like iOS and then tried out some tips that iOS users give each other for getting

more Google on their operating system. It's different. Even the most dedicated developer trying to bring the iOS experience

to Android can't recreate the reasons why people use Apple products. Even

though iPhone users can use a lot of Google's services, the experience is never the same as it is on Android.