'House of the Dragon' episode 3

This review of the third episode of House of the Dragon contains spoilers for, well, the third episode of House of the Dragon. Essentially, that is what a recap entails. Go ahead as necessary.

Here are summaries of episodes one and two for those who are just joining us, as well as a glossary of names and locations you might have forgotten.

That fits the bill a bit better. Do not misunderstand me ; House of the Dragon continues to be as listlessly talkative as ever and continues to

telegraph each and every punch in the story by having several characters repeatedly express the same point for our ostensible benefit.

But you can't dispute that the plot is getting more complicated, the pace is picking up,

and a third dragon is introduced to the roster, which is slowly expanding. with a ferocious and successful debut.

I offer professional woo. We'll get to everything, but let's talk about the incredibly stylish opening titles first.

. (I didn't include them last week because they weren't there in the episode that was presented to the media, but they were in this one.)  

Back to the intricate clockwork mechanism of the original Game of Thrones However, this one looks inward—and to the past—instead of outward at the rest of the world. which is to say:

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