Holliday Grainger: ‘I’m too f***ing chickens*** to talk about my #MeToo experiences’

Whether Holliday Grainger misses the corsets is a question worth asking. The Strike actress hasn't donned the taxing vintage garment in five years,

which seems like an eternity given that she spent the better part of a decade enmeshed in one role, portraying frothy aristocrats in dramas like

The Borgias and haughty royalty in movies like Anna Karenina. I think my bleeding liver is bruised, I've worn so many,"

she laughs, a hint of her original Manchester accent visible in the spaces between her vowels. So, the short answer is no. The corsets are not missed by her.

Grainger's current focus is on comfort. One afternoon, the actor phones me from her bed, her hair pulled back to reveal her exposed, high-boned, full-moon face.

Not makeup- and mascara-covered (a la celebrities), but truly bare. She's dressed for exercise, and her usual flushed cheeks are much flusher.

She sips water from the pint glass of Stella Artois on her nightstand, suggesting that she has just returned from a run.

The fact that Grainger still uses headphones with cables is what makes her seem the most dated. She still exudes an old-world charm, though.

Her cupid's bow and apple cheeks convey a sensibility that is so blatantly cherubic that it raises suspicion. As the gorgeous and deliciously cunning pope's daughter in

the popular 15th-century television series The Borgias, Grainger launched her acting career.

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