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People in the Latin rock scene, like J Balvin and Bad Bunny, saw the group as a cornerstone of the genre.

The songwriter and frontman for the Argentine rock band Enanitos Verdes, HORACIO EDUARDO "MARCIANO" Cantero, died this afternoon in a hospital

in his hometown of Mendoza. He was 62. The singer had recently had surgery to remove one of his kidneys as well as a portion of his spleen.

With a four-decade career, the group is one of the most successful Latin American rock bands. "Lamento Boloviano" and "Amores Lejanos"

two of their classics. Cantero had fans of all ages: J Balvin and Bad Bunny featured him in their song "Un Peso" in 2019.

Enanitos Verdes, which translates to "Little Green Elves," was in the midst of a 40th anniversary tour, having just finished a run of shows in the United State

that included stops in Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, and Miami. Before returning to the United States this fall, the group was sent to Peru and Mexico.