Hero brother, 14, who escaped to raise alarm 

18-year-old Lisa Cash and 8-year-old twins Christy and Chelsea Cawley slain in Tallaght, Dublin

Brother, 14, jumped out a window to alert neighbours to the massacre.
He fell but helped Margaret, a grieving mother.

Thousands are expected at the children's funeral tomorrow. 
The brave teen brother who escaped the house of horrors in Ireland

to warn people about his three other siblings was at an emotional vigil with his mother. The 14-year-old leaped out of a window at Rossfield Avenue, Tallaght,

early Sunday morning to inform neighbours. His sister Lisa Cash, 18, and twin sisters Christy and Chelsea Cawley, 8,

, were killed in the attack, and their brother Andy Cash, 24, is charged with killing them in a rage. 
The survivor injured his leg when jumping out of the window

but he was able to accompany the family at the victims' church service, where they lit candles and prayed the rosary.