Grace Jones I cant even stand on my head

The 74-year-old actor and singer talks about working as a go-go dancer, hanging out with Keith Haring, taking LSD in the 1960s, and missing out on Blade Runner. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022, starting at 14.00BSMy grandmother and step-grandfather raised me in Spanish Town, Jamaica. My grandmother's

so at the Jamaican Pentecostal church, where the Bible is taken very literally, we were used as examples. I wasn't allowed to wear pants or straighten my hair

It hurt a lot to comb my hair, and I would get in trouble if anything I did was thought to be pointless. I went to Paris, Italy, and New York when I

was 18 and did a lot of acid. I learned a lot from it. Even when I took an STP, or "super trip pill," and couldn't come down for at least three days, there were always doctors around.

After I did my first summer stock musical at Saint Joseph's College in Philadelphia, I decided to become an actor. It was just a way for me to pay my rent. I

I did not want to go back to my home in Jamaica. "If I'm going to act, I might as well try everything," I told myself. I worked as many one-week,