Google Must Face Most of Texas

Most of a multistate antitrust lawsuit against Google will have to be dealt with. The tech giant is accused of making an illegal deal with online advertising competitor Facebook.

The lawsuit was filed in 2020 by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 16 other states or territories. It says that in 2018, Google and

Facebook made a secret deal called "Jedi Blue" that gave Facebook an unfair advantage in Google's online advertising auctions. Facebook is not involved in the legal case.

Google wanted the lawsuit to be thrown out because, according to them, what the states said they did was legal. But on Tuesday, US District Judge P.

Kevin Castel for Southern New York ruled that the lawsuit could go forward. He did, however, throw out one claim that said the deal was an illegal restraint of trade.

He did this by saying that "there is nothing weird or suspicious" about why the companies made the deal. US and EU regulators have been looking closely

at Google's huge ad tech business. Google is said to have offered to let third-party ad platforms run on YouTube as a way to end