Gennady Golovkin has had a great career, but the only fights he hasn't won were against Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. However,

the Kazakh boxer said he wasn't going to use that as motivation for their long-awaited third fight.

When they first fought in the ring together in 2017, the fight was a disputed draw. In their second fight in 2018, Alvarez, from Mexico,

won a points decision that was even more controversial and that many people thought could have gone the other way.

Golovkin, who is 40 and has a record of 42-1-1, now has a chance to get back at Alvarez, who has a record of 57-2-2

and is the undisputed world super middleweight champion. Golovkin and Alvarez will fight on September 17 in Las Vegas.

Golovkin told Reuters through an interpreter, "I look at the third fight as if it were a brand new fight from scratch."

"My past fights don't make me want to fight again." Alvarez, who is 32, to use a different strategy than in their previous fights.

Golovkin's training hasn't changed much since he moved up to a heavier weight class. He said the main goal is to keep his speed and power, but he expects

Golovkin is one of the best middleweights of his time, and his fight with Alvarez will be the first time he fights at a weight above 160 pounds.

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