Get your first look at Godolkin University, the setting for The Boys spin-off Gen V

Do you get a phys ed credit at God U if you take part in Herogasm? Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys, revealed some concept art for Godolkin University,

the setting for the upcoming spin-off Gen V. Kripke hinted that the first few episodes will be "dirty, bloody, and with a heart! You'll love it. "

A tweet from Vought International on Friday said, "At Godolkin University, we want to make it easy for the next generation of heroes to find out what they're made of

" Because of this, donors have given us a lot of money to help redesign the student union and dorm rooms. Don't forget to plan your fall donation today!

Two pictures of life at Godolkin are attached to the post. The first one is an open-plan shot of the student union, which is made of stone and

brick and has orange carpeting and posters of The Seven all over the walls. Students who are hungry can get a Vought Burger or go to the

vending machine that says "Homelander." In the second shot, you can see how a dorm room is set up: there are two beds, two desks, two sets of shelves, and a lot of seven-