Genius and BetRegal, which runs an online sportsbook and casino, came up with CFL Blitz Picks. The goal of the game is to get more people

interested in the CFL and give fans of the league new ways to have fun. After the NFL, the CFL is the second-largest football league in the world.

In October of last year, Genius, a company that provides data and technology solutions for the sports and sports betting industries, joined forces with the league in October of last year.

You can play CFL Blitz Picks for free on the CFL GameZone hub. It has more ways for fans to get involved, such as Preseason Futures, Pick'Em, and

Fantasy. It will be available today and will last until November 20. That's when the Grey Cup, the CFL's version of the NFL Super Bowl, will be held.

With CFL Blitz Picks, players can bet on different things each week, such as player and league-wide statistics. In this way, it's like prop betting, but you don't have to pay to play.

During the season, users will get points for the most correct answers. There will also be leaderboards that show how much activity has happened

each week, month, or season. The winner will get four season tickets for next year and four jerseys from the team of their choice when the game is over.

Josh Linforth, Managing Director of Media and Engagement at Genius Sports, said, "CFL Blitz Picks and CFL GameZone are just the tip of the iceberg

as we continue to give fans richer, more interactive, and more engaging experiences."

Through the partnership from last year, Genius got a small share of CFL Ventures, the new business arm of the CFL. It also runs the entire digital infrastructure of the league.

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