Gary Barlow says losing daughter Poppy is 'a scar he'll die with'

Gary Barlow has spoken candidly about his grief over his daughter Poppy's stillbirth, describing it as "a scar he'll die with."

The fourth child of the Take That singer was scheduled to be born in August 2012, but four days before that date, 

his wife Dawn called the singer from a checkup to tell him that something was seriously wrong.  

"Now this is one of those phone calls where you experience a lifetime in a second," Barlow, 51, told The Mirror.

He described how Poppy, whose name was already on the door of their nursery at home, had to be induced and how he had feared meeting her.  

As he continued, "Over that following hour we took turns feeding her, snuggling her, having pictures taken with her, hands, footprints, just everything to try and stretch those short 60 minutes,"

he noted that when she was born, "the light that flooded the room was just wonderful." The actor praised Dawn's strength while praising how she pushed herself into school activities and playdates for their

other three kids, Daniel, Emily, and Daisy. Yet he stated: "I suddenly found myself back in that same situation, utterly speechless and unsure of where to stand or what to say.

"I had to accept that I would die with this scar rather than have it heal over time." However, he claimed that losing Poppy had changed his perspective

on life and that when bandmate Jason Orange stated in 2014 that he wanted to leave Take That, he should do whatever made him happy rather than try to persuade him otherwise.

Barlow recently opened up about his battles with bulimia, telling the Sunday Times Magazine that Robbie Williams leaving Take That and

the band's brief breakup had been particularly difficult for him. He stated: "I considered being ill a punishment.

I was reluctant to fix it. Strangely, I didn't feel bad doing it. The fact that it hurt was fantastic."

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