Garth Brooks, an American country music star, took the stage at Dublin's Croke Park to cheers from his loyal fans. This was the first of a long-awaited series of shows in the city.

On the streets near the stadium on Friday night, there was a sea of Stetsons because 80,000 people went to the first night of Brooks' concerts in the Irish capital.

Fans had to wait a long time to see their "idol" again, and some were afraid it would never happen. Over the course of nine days, the 60-year-old superstar will play five concerts at the home of the GAA.

About 400,000 people are expected to go to all of the concerts, and at least 5% of the people who bought tickets are from outside of Ireland.

Brooks got emotional as he said that he had been waiting his whole life for this moment. Many of his fans did, too. When he last sang in Ireland, Cora McHugh was not alive.

She said, though, that she had been listening to country music since she was a child. She went to see their favourite artist with her mother, Caitriona, from Donegal.

She said, "I love Garth Brooks and country music." I grew up listening to country music and dancing with my grandmother when I was very young. I love country music so much.

I'm so happy because I don't think Garth Brooks will ever be here again, so this is a chance of a lifetime.

She thought that the stadium would have an "unreal atmosphere."