CHAP, as it is known, is not just a Talmud Torah class that meets once a week. It's a daily programme after school for Jewish kids who go to public schools

and don't get a formal Jewish education. South Florida children can now sign up for a new year of Hebrew school.

This programme is for boys and girls ages 5 to 12 who go to AWK8, American Heritage, BridgePrep, Charter, Country Dade,

Nova, Pine Crest, Riviera, VABHOE, or anyone else who wants to go to Hebrew school every day after school. 

As we have done for the past few years, the programme will be free and come with no strings attached for the whole month of September.

To join, you don't need any memberships, background knowledge, or affiliations. After the holidays, regular classes will go on,

and parents who need them will have the option of taking them for free. The programme will begin at the same time as public schools and meet every day right after school.

Classes are held at Chabad Chayil in Highland Lakes, right next to Aventura Waterways K-8.

Traditions, holidays, Jewish history, Parsha, Jewish art, prayer, and Judaic studies are all part of the curriculum.

This programme will give people their first taste of Jewish learning in a fun, creative, hands-on way.

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