Former UFC fighter Elias Theodorou dies at age 34

TORONTO—Elias Theodorou has died. He was a charismatic mixed martial artist who fought successfully for the right of athletes to use medical marijuana. He was 34.

Theodorou's official Twitter account said on Saturday that the former UFC fighter died of colon cancer that spread on Sunday in Toronto.

Theodorou was an athlete, an actor, a model, a stuntman, a dancer, a TV pitchman, a Harlequin romance cover model, and an advocate for marijuana.

He was from Mississauga, Ontario. Theodorou had not told the public that he had cancer, said TSN fight analyst and

former fighter Robin Black, who is also a friend. Black thought that Theodorou made that choice because "he couldn't stand to make people sad

Black said, "He was a really, really, really unique person." "A positive energy if there ever was one, a man who almost always had a winning smile,

and a man who spoke out about what he believed in," Canadian fighter Sarah Kaufman said on social media. After his first year at Humber College, where he studied creative advertising,