Fletcher Better Version Shows Her Rawest

Fletcher says it right out a few days before her first album, Girl of My Dreams, comes out: "['Better Version'] is my favourite song I've ever written in my life." 

She means that the song is more powerful and meaningful than anything else she's done. "As an artist, but first and foremost as a storyteller and songwriter,

putting really complicated feelings into words is what I'm most passionate about," the 28-year-old singer says. "Better Version" hasn't been released as a single yet,

so this isn't part of a big "my new radio hit is actually art" campaign. Also, the first single from the album, "Becky's So Hot," is already getting a lot

of attention on its own because it has gone viral on TikTok for a lot of different reasons. "Better Version" is on the other end of the heartbreak

spectrum from "Becky's So Hot," which is bold and sure of itself. "Better Version" is an after-the-fact look at a relationship. It features Fletcher's

soft but moving vocals as she tells the story of a love gone bad and what happens next. Fletcher sings,"Do you think of me when you fuck her? Do you use the moves we taught you? "