Flash floods hit Italy, and at least 10 dead

At least 10 people have died and three more are still missing after severe flooding caused by extreme storms in the central Marche region of Italy.

After hours of rain, several towns in hilly central Italy were hit by flash floods. To wait for help, dozens of people climbed onto roofs or into trees.

Riccardo Pasqualini, the mayor of Barbara, told Italian state radio that the sudden downpour that destroyed his town in the Marche region

near the Adriatic Sea wasn't a water bomb, but a tsunami.
The civil protection agency said that about 400 millimetres of rain fell in two to three hours.

This is about a third of the amount of rain that usually falls in a year.

A climatologist named Massimiliano Fazzini told Italian state TV, "It was more than just an unusual event. It was an extreme one. "

He said that the amount of rain that fell in four hours was the most in hundreds of years based on the math he did