In a first for the world, kidnappers took three baby chimpanzees from an animal sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and now want ransom money. 

CNN says that the Young Animal Confiscated in Katanga sanctuary was broken into at 3 a.m. on September 9. The founder of the sanctuary, Franck

Chantereau, told the outlet that they took three of the five baby chimps that were saved earlier this year. He also said that the two other apes were

hiding in the kitchen. Cesar, Hussein, and Monga are the names of the three chimps who were taken. 

The founder of the sanctuary said that after the chimps were taken, the people who took them sent his wife three messages and a video of the

animals. "They told us that they had planned to kidnap my kids because they were supposed to come here on vacation. But they didn't come, so the

kidnappers took these three kids as hostages and asked us for a lot of money, "CNN was told by Mr. Chantereau."

The people who took the chimps said they had given them drugs and threatened to hurt them if the ransom wasn't paid. But Mr. Chantereau said

that the sanctuary can't pay the money because it is "impossible." He said, "Not only do we not have the money, but you need to know that if we

give them what they want, they could easily do it again in two months, and we have no guarantee that they will give the baby back to us."

Mr. Chantereau is also worried that if he gives in to what the kidnappers want, it could lead to more kidnappings. "This is done in 23 sanctuaries all

over the continent. "If we pay the ransom, it could set a bad example and give other people ideas, so we need to be very careful," he said.

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