Filmfest Hamburg Scraps Plan to Give Award to Ulrich Seidl

The German film festival Filmfest Hamburg has changed its mind about giving the Douglas Sirk Prize to the Austrian director Ulrich Seidl.

This is because Seidl and his film "Sparta" have been accused of being rude on set and exploiting children.

But the festival will still show "Sparta," according to a statement from festival director Albert Wiederspiel and programme director Kathrin Kohlstedde that came out on Tuesday.

"The accusations against the production about the working conditions while making the film came up after our [festival programme] was already printed,

 the statement said. 
We put the movie on the schedule because we thought it was so good. 

It's a very sensitive movie about a very hard and taboo topic. The accusations against Ulrich Seidl are about the conditions of the filming

, not about the movie itself.   "Because of this, we've decided to keep the movie on the schedule."