'Fat Leonard' Francis, who swindled the US Navy out of millions, goes on the run after fleeing house arrest

Fat Leonard, the Malaysian contractor at the centre of one of the largest-ever US military bribery probes, only needed a U-haul truck and a pair of heavy

scissors to get away three weeks before his sentencing. 
Leonard Glenn Francis was caught in a federal sting operation in a San Diego hotel almost ten years ago.

Investigators said that he and his company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, cheated the US Navy out of more than $35 million ($52 million) by buying off dozens of high

ranking officers with alcohol, sex, expensive parties, and other gifts. In exchange, the officers, including the first active-duty admiral to be convicted of a federal crime

kept quiet about Francis's plan to overcharge for supplying ships or charge for fake services at ports he controlled in Southeast Asia. 

Deputy US Marshal Omar Castillo said that when police arrived at Francis' home on Sunday afternoon, almost seven hours after he is thought to have used scissors to cut off his ankle monitor

here were no security guards there. 
In the house, the thing was found. Mr

Mr. Castillo said that an unknown person called the San Diego police department, which then sent officers to check on the house just before 2 p.m.

He said that neighbours said they saw U-Haul trucks coming and going from the house one or two days before the escape.