Fame cast members reunite anniversary concerts

For a series of charity anniversary concerts in Birmingham, the cast from the 1980s television programme Fame has reunited.

Since its June 1978 debut, the popular US show has drew a sizable audience during its six seasons on BBC One.

The cast members who sang and performed on various recordings during the decade were known as The Kids from Fame.  

Seven members of the original cast will now sing the top songs at three concerts in September at Birmingham Town Hall.

The theme song as well as songs like Hi-Fidelity, Friday Night, and Starmaker will be performed by Valerie Landsburg (as Doris), Lee Curreri (as Bruno)

Carlo Imperato (as Danny), PR Paul (as Montgomery), Cynthia Gibb (as Holly), Jesse Borrego (as Jesse), and Loretta Chandler (as Dusty).

"People shared our laughter and tears throughout the 1980s. "Together, we have shared a lot," Valerie Landsburg noted. 

Returning to the UK for these events has a really unique quality. "In 1982, Fame dispatched me to London to conduct press.

The impact the show made in the UK astounded me. "None of us knew anything. "For the fans, returning to the stage to play feels like a perfect circle."

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