Ex-Journey Singer Steve Perry Battles

Perry wants to stop band members Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon from using trademarks for classic songs like "Anyway You Want It," "Wheel in the Sky,

and "Open Arms." 
Journey has been around in some form or another for almost 50 years. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain have 

led the arena rock band through its many incarnations. Even though the band is almost as well-known for their fights and lawsuits as for their many

classic rock songs that are played on radio and sung at karaoke, Good news: Steve Perry is ready to get back together with Journey.

His golden voice can be heard on songs like "Don't Stop Believing," "Any Way You Want It," and "Wheel in the Sky." The bad news: he has only

done this because he has sued Schon and Cain over the trademarks to 20 of the band's most popular songs.

Billboard says that Schon and Cain own the trademark registrations for many of the band's hits through their company Freedom JN LLC.

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