Elton John asked the Biden White House if he could play there

Elton John asked President Joe Biden's office if he could play at the White House, even though Donald Trump has always liked the singer and

tried to get him to perform at his inauguration. A White House official said that John's team showed interest on his behalf

John will perform on the South Lawn on Friday night. The first couple are fans, but Biden's predecessor

in the White House, Donald Trump, was said to be "obsessed" with John for a long time and thought of him as a personal friend.

John didn't play at Trump's inauguration, but he did tell him that if he ever had British officials over for a state dinner

he would play. This is similar to what John did in February 1998, when he played at a state dinner for then-

-British Prime Minister Tony Blair when Bill Clinton was president. Trump has never had the British over for such an event

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