Elon Musk's 2-year-old son gets frustrated

Grimes claimed that when using his toy rockets, Elon Musk's two-year-old son with Grimes becomes irritated. 

The singer wrote that when her son finds things are "fake," he accuses her of "trickery." She claimed that when one of the toys failed to enter orbit

X A-12 yelled, "Fuckin rocket is too fuckin heavy!"
The two-year-old son of Elon Musk seems to share his father's interest in rockets and space travel.  

The mother of the SpaceX CEO's two kids, Grimes, stated that their boy becomes frustrated while using a toy rocket: My two-year-old son said,

"That fuckin' rocket is too fuckin' heavy," as his toy rocket failed to enter orbit. 

A Twitter user advised a mother to get her son a new toy. The Canadian musician said, "He's wrecked them all because he doesn't know they're not real,

so he rips out the boosters and stuff, attempting to replicate a real rocket, then accuses me of deceit for giving him fake rockets and becomes inconsolable."

"Yes, he claims that a rocket lands 200 times per day. "It's very sentimental," she added.

The richest man in the world had two kids with Grimes, including their daughter Exa Dark Siderael, who was born in December via surrogate. In May 2020, their son, X A-12, was born.

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