Elizabeth Holmes’ In-Laws Reacted Bizarrely

Elizabeth Holmes's father-in-law has some very strange feelings about her and the scandal she was involved in that got a lot of attention.

In the past few years, true-crime movies and TV shows have become more popular than ever.

One of the main reasons for this is that true crime shows, like the one that made a shocking claim about Nicole Brown Simpson

sometimes show well-known crimes in a new way. The Dropout, a true crime show on Hulu, didn't need any new information to keep people interested.

After all, the show was about Elizabeth Holmes, and her life is so interesting that people are even drawn in by the way she speaks quietly.

The Dropout had great acting and a great story, and it seemed like it was made in a way that would appeal to both celebrity true-crime fans

and regular people. Even though the show was great, it could not have shown everything about Elizabeth Holmes' life.  

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