Soon, Dubai will start a new licence programme for crypto-space service providers and local regulators. This programme will include rules for marketing and

advertising in the industry. A cryptocurrency regulator in Dubai called the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) has proposed new rules for marketing, advertising,

and promoting cryptocurrencies. VARA has talked about all the ways of reaching out to people, as well as advertising.

This included, among other things, getting the word out, raising awareness, getting customers involved, and even trying to find investors.

After the rules are put in place, local providers of virtual assets, such as advertising platforms, will have to keep

their information accurate and let investors and customers know if they are trying to sell something.

The goal will be to raise awareness, get customers interested, and find investors, among other things. All kinds of virtual asset service providers will have to

follow these rules (VASPs). According to reports, the rules also say that all local virtual asset service providers (VASPs),

such as advertising platforms, must make sure facts are correct and show any promotional intent in a clear way so that potential customers aren't misled.

there were rumours that Sam Bankman-FTX Fried's crypto exchange was one of the first companies to get the MVP licence from VARA.

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