Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games

instead of waiting for former New Jersey attorney general Peter Harvey's decision on the NFL's appeal of the initial punishment, the league and Cleveland

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson have agreed that Watson will be suspended for 11 games and fined $5 million for violating the league's personal conduct

policy amid allegations of sexual misconduct. As part of the deal, Watson also agreed to go to counselling.  

The agreement overrules Sue L. Robinson's decision on August 1 that Watson should serve a six-game suspension. Robinson was appointed by both teams as a

disciplinary officer. But the settlement is nowhere near the one-year ban that the NFL had asked Robinson to give Watson.  

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"I'm glad the disciplinary process is over and very grateful for all the help I've gotten from the Browns organisation in my short time there," said Watson in a

statement. "I'm sorry again if this situation has hurt anyone. I'm responsible for the choices I made. Going forward, I want to work on being the best version of

myself on and off the field, and I want to help my teammates in any way I can when I'm not with them. I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for me in Cleveland.