Demi Lovato Says Current Tour Will Be Her Last

Demi Lovato said today that this tour will be her last. It is in support of her eighth studio album.

In several Instagram Stories that have since been deleted, the singer looked out the window of a hotel room and wrote, "I'm so f***ing sick. I can't get out of bed

. I can't keep going on like this. This will be my last tour. I love you all and thank you." Lovato said in her posts that "this next to

would be her last, but music sites like Billboard are taking that to mean that her current "Holy Fvck" campaign will be her last.

The singer then posted another set of stories that said, "Gonna power through it for you guys [sick emoji] [black heart emoji] I'll need help singing, so sing loud for me bb's!!

Lovato posted a selfie from backstage with the caption, "I can barely speak, so I'll be pointing the mic at the crowd a lot tonight."

The tour started exactly one month ago in Des Moines, Iowa. After that, there were a number of dates in South America, the last of which was tonight in Santiago, Chile.