DC Celebrates Stan Lee's 'Just Imagine

Yes, you read that right. DC Comics will bring back the strange team-up to celebrate its famous rival's 100th birthday.

People think of Marvel when they think of Stan Lee. Because of his cameos in some of the most popular movies ever made, they probably

always will. But Stan the Man didn't always work for Marvel. There was a time when he didn't, and he made his own projects to try to be as

successful as Marvel. The most surprising was when Lee worked with Marvel's rival, DC Comics, to reimagine some of DC's biggest superheroes

through his own eyes. The result was a series called "Just Imagine," and DC is reprinting it for Lee's 100th birthday, which is coming up soon.

Unless you were there in 2001, you probably don't know how shocking it was to hear that Stan Lee, the face of Marvel, would be working with DC.

It was kind of like finding out that Mitch McConnell was going to campaign for a liberal Democrat. But it was even more shocking to find out that Lee's