If there's one thing that's easy to find on the internet, it's funny and weird news. On our news feed, we often see funny things that are going on all over the world.

If you take a quick look at our social media, you'll see all kinds of interesting things. One of these things happened recently at a Harry Styles concert.

The singer who used to be in One Direction was on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York on August 30.

He was surprised when someone in the crowd threw a chicken nugget at him.

What he did when the food came at him was pretty funny. Check out the video of what happened that was posted on Twitter. 

The user @kiwik944 He posted the video on Twitter, where it went viral and got over 163,000 views, as well as hundreds of comments and likes.

He stopped his show for a while and tried to figure out what was going on. 

Fans laughed out loud at the funny thing that happened, and no one knew how the tasty snack got on stage.

The fans then asked him to eat it, but he said he couldn't because he wasn't a meat eater. I'm not a chicken eater. Sorry.

"I'm not a meat eater," in the video, Harry Styles said. Then he threw the chicken nuggets back at the crowd and said, "Avoid eating it.

 It's down there. We'll get you another piece of chicken. " 
This isn't the first strange story about chicken nuggets to go viral in recent years. 

Before that, two American chefs made the biggest chicken nuggets in the world. The thing they made even broke a Guinness World Record.

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