The thing that happened outside of Ms. de Kirchner's home in Buenos Aires did not hurt her. The politician is on trial for bribery and was coming home from court. She says the charges are false.

Sergio Massa, the economy minister of Argentina, called the shooting attempt an "attempted assassination."

In a tweet, he said, "When hate and violence win over debate, societies fall apart and things like this happen: an attempted murder." 

Local media showed video of the man pointing a gun inches from her head and making what looked like an attempt to shoot. Then she lowered her head, but no shots were fired. 

In another video shared on social media, people in the crowd seem to be trying to get between Ms. De Kirchner and the person who is thought to be holding a gun.

A police spokesman told Reuters news agency that a "armed" man had been arrested near Ms. De Kirchner's home and that "a weapon was found a

few metres from the scene." They said the man might have come from Brazil. While the trial is going on, hundreds of protesters have been gathering outside

the 69-year-old's home in the capital to show their support. Ms. De Kirchner is accused of stealing from the state and taking public money while she was president from 2007 to 2015.

Prosecutors have asked that the ex-president get 12 years in prison and be banned from politics for life if he is found guilty at trial.

But since Ms. de Kirchner is President of the Senate, she is protected by parliamentary immunity. She wouldn't go to jail unless the country's highest

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