Constance Wu Says She Experienced

Wu also clarified her 2019 tweet about the ABC show's renewal by saying, "I wanted a clean slate where I didn't have to start a show with all

these memories of abuse." 
Constance Wu is talking about how working on Fresh Off the Boat was hard for her.

In an interview with The Atlantic on Friday to promote her new book, Making a Scene, the 40-year-old actress said that one of the show's producers

sexually harassed and scared" her on the set of the ABC sitcom. Wu said that even though she didn't like the situation, she didn't tell the story

at the time because she wanted to protect the show and how it affected the Asian American community.

People reps for ABC didn't answer PEOPLE's request for comment right away. My editor really pushed me to write about it, so I did

I told her, "No, that part of my life is over." Wu told a reporter from The Atlantic about it on stage.

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