Colman Domingo Praises Zendaya After ‘Euphoria’

Jeremy Clark
The time now is Monday, September 5, 2022 at 9:51 AM.

American actor, dramatist, and director Colman Domingo
Colman Domingo had a particularly happy night on September 4 at the Creative Arts Emmys,

hich was a standout night for HBO's "Euphoria," as he won his first significant industry award for his stirring performance as teen Rue's

(Zendaya) patient sponsor Ali on the contentious drama. The well-known actor,

, who recently appeared on television in "Fear the Walking Dead" and "The Twilight Zone," among many other roles, is a fan favourite on "Euphoria"

and attributes the positive atmosphere at work on the HBO drama to his Emmy-nominated co-star Zendaya.

After receiving the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama award, Domingo said backstage, "We have such a bond, which is extremely deep and intricate.

" We get a feeling that we have known one other for a very, very long time. For the two of us,

, Sam [Levinson, the creator of "Euphoria,"] produces art that feels extremely natural. She makes a fantastic scene companion. She's perhaps one of my all-time

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