Sister Wives is about to start its seventeenth season, and in a new clip, Christine Brown can be heard calling her ex-husband Kody Brown "cowardly"

and telling him to "man the f— up." In an exclusive clip that Entertainment Tonight shared,

the two people who are no longer together can be seen arguing about their relationship.

"Why are you holding on to me so hard? Kody, this doesn't work. You said it wasn't working either.

" At one point in the conversation, Christine tells Kody.

She goes on, "You said you were not interested in me. You didn't want to get married to me in a sexual way.

You said, "People can live for years without a close relationship with their partner."

What did you say? " Then Kody says, "You blame me for being turned off by the way you act."

Christine really let out her feelings in a confessional interview, which was not part of her heated talk with Kody It's been 25 years since we got married.

You are someone I've known for almost 30 years. Don't insult me; just tell me what you think.