Teigen had a miscarriage in September 2020, when she was 20 weeks pregnant with her son Jack. She told her followers in February 2022 that she

was getting IVF treatment, but she asked them to stop asking her if she was pregnant. "The shots don't bother me at all." They make me feel like a

doctor or chemist, but the bloating is a pain, so I humbly ask you to stop asking if I'm pregnant. I know you mean well, but it's kind of annoying to hear because I'm not pregnant.

Early in August, Teigen shared a series of mirror selfies on Instagram to tell everyone the good news. She wrote in the post's caption, "To say the

least, the last few years have been a jumble of feelings, but joy has returned to our home and hearts." "After 1 billion shots (mostly in the legs, as

you can see), we're getting another. Every time I've gone to an appointment, I've told myself, "Okay, if it's healthy today, I'll announce it." But then I

hear a heartbeat and decide I'm still too nervous. I don't think I'll ever leave an appointment with more excitement than nerves, but so far,

everything is perfect and beautiful, and I'm feeling hopeful and amazing. OK, whew, that was hard to hold back for so long! "

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