Chris Stapleton’s Version of Vince Gill’s

Chris Stapleton may be here because of Vince Gill. Stapleton says, right before he sings one of Gill's songs for CMT Giants: Vince Gill, that when

he and other young songwriters like him were just starting out, the Nineties star was a great role model.

"The biggest impact you've had on me, besides your music, is that you had the courage to encourage me," says the usually quiet Stapleton to

Gill during the taping, which took place Monday at Belmont University's Fisher Center for the Performing Arts in Nashville.

"You've always had time to come watch me play or invite me to a songwriter's round when I had no reason to be there," Stapleton says. "Being

able to do that made a big difference for me, and I'm very grateful. I love you with everything I have. "  

Then, with Stapleon strumming an acoustic guitar and backed by the house band, she sings a beautiful, soulful version of "Whenever You Come Around,"