Beijing Hounds Chinese Church Seeking Safety Overseas

On Monday, Sept. 5, 2022, people from the Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church in China get ready to turn in their asylum requests at the United Nations High

Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Bangkok, Thailand. The group says that they are being harassed by the government and could be sent away from China.

(Photo by Sakchai Lalit for AP)According to the Associated Press The Associated Press's TASSANEE VEJPONGSA and DAKE KANG contributed to this report.  

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) —Members of a Chinese church who had flown to Thailand to ask for asylum met with reporters in a restaurant a few days after their trip.

. But when they looked over their shoulders, they saw that strangers were using their phones to record videos of them. 
In a matter of seconds,

, they ran away, afraid that Chinese state security was coming after them again.   Pastor Pan Yongguang,

whose church has been on the run for years, said, "Political pressure is rising, and there is more and more ideological control." "The attacks are getting worse."  

The story of the Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church's exile shows how the Chinese government is going to more and more lengths, even outside of China,

To control religious faith and its people. 
Even though they moved hundreds of kilometres (miles) away from China to the resort island of Jeju in South Korea three years ago