Chicago P.D. will lose one of its best actors when original cast member Jesse Lee Soffer leaves the Intelligence Unit and his role as Det. Jay Halstead in the show's tenth season, Variety reports.

"I want to thank the amazing fans for their unwavering support over the past 10 years, and I also want to thank Dick Wolf and everyone at Wolf

Entertainment, Peter Jankowski, Matt Olmstead, Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, Rick Eid, Gwen Sigan, NBC, Universal Television, my fellow castmates,

and our amazing crew," he said in a statement to Variety on Monday. Everybody who works on the show has put a lot of love into making this hour-long drama every week.

I'll always be proud of my time as Det. Jay Halstead. " Will Burgess and Ruzek break up for good or stay together on Chicago P.D.? Marina Squerciati Tells Us What She Thinks

Sgt. Halstead has been a key character on the show, especially in the last few seasons when the show has shown how policing is changing in the

U.S. and he has become his boss, Sgt. Hank Voight's (Jason Beghe) conscience. Before that, Voight would do anything to get the job done. Now,

Voight is counting on Halstead to keep the unit on track. 
Soffer told Monsters & Critics when the changes to the show started, 

"We play cops who are first and foremost people, and people aren't black and white." "People live in the grey area, so everyone has a line.

No matter what your moral compass or code of ethics is, there's a line that, if crossed, could make you do anything in any situation.

If something bad happened to a family member or if someone held your spouse at gunpoint, you might break the law. 
Soffer's character is also married to Tracy Spiradakos's character, Det

Hailey Upton. It will be interesting to see how the story ends. Because Halstead has a lot of ties to the Intelligence Unit, will he be moved or killed?

Patrick John Flueger and LaRoyce Hawkins Discuss Chicago P.D.'s Explosive Season 9 Finale Chicago P.D. also features Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess,

Patrick Flueger as Adam Ruzak, LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater, and Amy Morton as Trudy Platt, in addition to Soffer, Beghe, and Spiradakos.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar, who played Dante Torres as a guest star in the last episode of Season 9, will be a regular cast member in Season 10.

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