In Saturday's preseason home opener at Soldier Field, the Bears beat the Chiefs 19-14. They scored 19 straight points in the second half.

At halftime, the Bears were down 14-0, but their defence forced two turnovers that led to a touchdown and a field goal.

"I thought there were a lot of good foundational pieces out there," said coach Matt Eberflus. I'm talking about how hard we played, how intensely we played,

how we took the ball away and took care of it, and how we were smart in different situations. I liked what I saw. There is a lot to learn from, and a lot of situations we can learn from,

but again, I thought the energy and intensity were just right. Again, we took the ball away a few times when the field was short,

and we kept the ball safe when we were on offence, which is great. So, I'm glad I'll be able to do that. "

Even though the Bears' first-team offence didn't score on any of its three drives, there were signs of hope. Justin Fields finished with a 78.3 rating,

completing 4 of 7 passes for 48 yards. The second-year quarterback showed he knew how to connect with his wide receivers

when he hit Darnell Mooney for 26 yards on the second drive and Tajae Sharpe for 19 yards on the next drive.  

Fields said that throwing the ball to Mooney was "a normal play for us." The quarterback was sure that his receiver knew where he would put the ball.

Fields praised Mooney's hands for making the catch, but he wasn't surprised by the hit. Fields said, "It feels great to know how he's going to run the route,

how he's going to work the defender, and so on, and where he's going to end up." "Just the way we get along with each other and, of course,

the work we put in during the off-season shows right there." Right after halftime, rookie linebacker Jack Sanborn made the first interception of the game.

This gave the Bears their first of three straight scoring drives. On the third play of the half, a Chicago-area native who grew up in Wisconsin picked off Shane Buechele at the Chiefs' 39

The Bears got their first points of the day when backup quarterback Trevor Siemian threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to rookie running back Trestan Ebner.

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