Cate Blanchett Nabs Second Venice Best Actress Award

Blanchett won in 2007 for her performance as Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There." In 2020, she was in charge of the jury at the Venice Film Festival.

This time, the 53-year-old actress won for her hard role in "Tar" as a famous classical music conductor who is accused of having inappropriate

relationships with female colleagues. The movie talks about a number of controversial topics, such as the MeToo movement,

political correctness, and women in positions of power. But Blanchett told reporters in Venice that she wasn't interested in "agitprop,

 which is the use of art to spread political ideas. 
She said that after a movie comes out, "it can be politicised,

talked about, and people can be disgusted, offended, or inspired by it, but we can't do anything about that."

Blanchett was born in Melbourne, Australia, on May 14, 1969. She started her career on stage and worked her way up to more and more important roles in movies.