Cardi B shows off face tattoo

Last month, hairstylist Luis Santana uploaded a video of the I Like It rapper having a crimson tattoo on her jawline.

While Cardi did not give any additional information at the time, she did so on Saturday during an Instagram Live.

The celebrity lifted her hair to reveal her new tattoo and said that she had her 12-month-old son Wave's name written in red calligraphy on her face.

She added about her baby, whom she shares with her husband, Offset, "I tattooed his name because I adore him."

Cardi also revealed that she has a new tattoo honouring her four-year-old daughter Kulture.

"And I tattooed my daughter's name," the 29-year-old stated, pointing to the script design on her arm.

The hip-hop musician hinted earlier this year that he intended to get a face tattoo.