Cannonball Adderley: The Importance Of The Jazz Great

It goes through Bowie's life like a rocket ship, so hold on tight. 
Moonage Daydream is a deep dive into the world of David Bowie

It's two hours and fourteen minutes long, and during that time you'll see a lot of images that will require you to stop looking for popcorn crumbs and

pay attention to the screen. If you look away, you might miss something because it moves pretty quickly.

Moonage Daydream looks at Bowie's life from his early days as a young man with a mullet named Ziggy Stardust putting on makeup in front of

a mirror to his fascinating Berlin years and beyond. This gives the movie a good reason to move quickly. Even so, it never feels rushed, but

rather like a showcase of a complicated and multifaceted artist whose essence is perfectly captured. After all, Bowie could never quite stand

still. David Bowie was really an LGBTQ+ icon who was way ahead of his time. One of his many great qualities that might be overlooked is that he