Buffy Sainte-Marie celebrates music, Indigeneity and activism in TIFF documentary

On September 8, Buffy Sainte-Marie performs at the Toronto International Film Festival's kickoff ceremony.

A new documentary revisits the life and career of the Indigenous music icon through archive film, images, performances, and interviews.

(Alex Lupul/Canadian Press)
When contacted to be the subject of an autobiographical documentary,

Buffy Sainte-Marie understood she did not want the film to be similar to what she had done previously.

Sainte-Marie has already been the subject of a documentary made by Toronto director Joan Prowse in 2006,

a biography written by Regina historian Blair Stonechild in 2012, and a book written by Vancouver music journalist Andrea Warner in 2018.

I believe that many documentaries consist primarily of talking heads, which is incredibly tedious. Saint-Marie told Eli Glasner of CBC